Scenario 12a


“They’re still on us, I can hear them around the corner,” one of the guards says. “Hide, and let’s attack them from different directions. I’ll make a trap!” the woman says. She stops to draw a symbol on the ground, before you all find cover and await her signal to attack. Dozens of Undead and Corrupted march by, drawn by your scent.
The woman appears unwilling to engage, deciding to just to wait it out. Once they’ve passed, all of you start to quietly fall back. Suddenly, your retreat is interrupted by a loud voice, “Ha ha, finally found you! Brother, I told you we would!” It’s Byron. The Undead pause, then slowly turn to face you, ready to attack. Ignix activates the trap. It’s a massacre.
QUEST: Draw 2 Undead with ‘Raise’ ability (1st Enemy Deck) and 2 Crypt Walkers (2nd Enemy Deck) and combat them.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 12b.