Scenario 18


Descending ever deeper, you come across that which you were seeking: the chamber where it all began. Before you towers the grotesque statue that chased you previously, surrounded by corpses. “Are you the one I seek?” you ask.
For a moment, nothing happens, but the grinding of flesh and bone signal the reanimation of the Undead. Slowly, they gather around you. The statue waits a moment more, then starts to leave. Frustrated by the lack of answer, you try to keep pace, but the Undead block your way. You have to fight your way.
QUEST: Defeat waves of enemies:
Wave 1: 2 Raised Swordbearers, 2 Raised Bowbearers.
Once wave 1 is defeated:
Wave 2: 2 Crypt Walkers and 1 Dreadknight

Then move to another Adventure token and Resolve it.

Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 19.