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We present a new series that will show closely work that we’ve been doing on our game Ruins: Death Binder since it’s beginning to current status of development.

In first steps we’ve created a vision for the game, below are the key components:

How the game should play.

We were pretty sure the game should have the following traits:
– Should have phases
– Simple and fast
– Many combinations to attack and cards abilities
– Different strategies on how to play – not a single winning combination
– Limited resources that shrink all the time
– Getting health back being problematic
– Should have random elements

How the game should look.

We have placed the game within our Ruins world – a dark,low fantasy, grim medievalesque world, full of secrets and deceit. Let’s say Dark Souls meets Darkest Dungeon and his sister Slay The Spire – that is a perfect formula for our game.

How the game should feel.

– Difficult
– Unsettling
– Ever increasing sense of danger
– Surviving and defeating enemies should feel fulfilling
– Upgrading should give sense of achievement

What player should be able to do.

– Gain XP and enhance the character and it’s resources
– Make impactful decisions that influence the game

In our next write up we will go into details of each of those sections.

– Heavy Punch Team

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