Scenario 21


Kardoth crumples to the ground, bleeding dark, metallic ichor everywhere. “Insignificant mortal,” it chokes out. “You’ve gained nothing, and I will be reborn.” You walk over to the form, peering down at its quivering mass. “You will be glad to know that I am not here to close the seal,” you sneer. You raise your arm holding the key, now blackened with the same, strange striations as your arm, and plunge it deep within Kardoth’s chest.
The “god” screams and flails, making loud choking sounds that slowly fade. Withdrawing the item, you continue down the path, leaving the self-proclaimed immortal to wither.
QUEST: Reach last Adventure token on the bottom of the map and Resolve it.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 22.