Scenario 25c


“I can’t allow you to do this…This is wrong, risking our world like this when we have a better solution” Ignix says.
“You should know that it’s inevitable. Sooner or later the Chained One will be able to spread its influence into our world,” you reply. “We’re just giving it more time to play with us and gather strength.”
“Are you sure you’re able to defeat it?” she asks, looking resigned. “I believe we have a chance… together.” You extend your hand to her.
She hesitates for only a moment before taking it.
QUEST: Pick a starting path from the top of the map and Resolve 2 Adventure tokens.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Move together towards the gate.
Once Resolved, go to Scenario 25a.

Attack. Draw Ignix (Event Enemies).
If successful proceed to Scenario 26b.