Scenario 26b


In pursuit of Ignix, you notice you’ve walked straight into a set of familiar symbols drawn on the ground. Everything goes black. “I might be weaker in the real world, but here I’m the one with the advantage,” she says. “Do… you… think so… Spellweaver?” a dark Voice says. The darkness starts to mix with the real world, forcing Ignix to rush forward, casting a hasty containment spell in your direction. You don’t give her the time, grabbing her hand and twisting it till she moans. “I’m sorry you don’t understand.” You pierce her with your sword and watch her topple back, a single tear running down her cheek. You turn to approach the gate, the mechanisms inside straining with the last of their strength against the powers inside. The structure shudders, and the massive stone slabs part, bathing the chamber with the green glow of the world beyond. You glance back one last time at Ignix. “I’ll do it for you, for all of us.” With your sword engulfed in fire, you step through the gate.

Congratulations, you’ve completed your story.