Ruins: Death Binder FAQ

Can I exceed temporarily my starting defense value?

Yes, you can. During encounter, you can use Gain Defense to temporarily (for this encounter) increase the number value of your Defense. But after encounter, it goes back to your default starting value.

How to increase blight? Difference in rulebook and schematics

This is our fault and we apologize for it, as we haven’t included that step in the 12th page of the rulebook in the example play.

Not sure how that happened as so many people looked through it, maybe it just seemed so obvious to us that we have somehow skipped it. In response to the question: once the token is resolved, count the number of icons and increase blight by that number.

You can see the updated page here.

What can I do with that information?
  • You can print the 12th page and put it in between the rulebook pages or glue it over
  • Use the online rulebook version here with the latest errata
  • We might reprint the rulebook when we create an expansion and when you buy it you will receive the updated version
  • Just ignore and don’t do anything, just keep playing by using the schematics on the back of the player boards

I have too much blight, how can I handle it?

The kink is to manage to go through the dungeon trying to not get as much Blight and try to remove it when possible but to be strong enough to push forward and make decisions that you feel comfortable.

Sometimes it is better to just go for the token that has 2 icons instead of 4 as that would increase the enemy count when blight goes up, or try to remove blight somewhere in between or even run from a fight.

The game emphasizes many different ways of approaching it, trying the long or short-term goals you might have, various ways of combat and decision making.

P.s please remember to reset the Blight track to 0 after resolving the last token on the map on a red (Ruins) or green (Nightmare) color zones – please read the text on those zones.

FYI: Even the author doesn’t win at its own game every time 🙂

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