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Heavy Punch
December 1, 2018

Changes made in wave 3

Hello all, We have made some small changes to further improve experience with Ruins: Death Binder, which you can read below: - Some encounter cards…
Heavy Punch
November 19, 2018

Dev log #1 Ruins Death Binder

Hello Heavy Punchers! We present a new series that will show closely work that we've been doing on our game Ruins: Death Binder since it's…
Heavy Punch
October 17, 2018

Updates on Playtesting Wave 2

Great news, we are starting Wave 2 of playtesting for Ruins: Death Binder. We have gathered a lot of feedback from last wave, we fixed…
Heavy Punch
September 23, 2018

Playtesting Wave 1 Finished

We have finished Wave 1 playtesting, Thanks to all our playtesters we managed to further improve the game and be sure that it is bug…

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