Ruins: Death Binder Small Hybrid Bundle


This will speed up significantly your PNP build. This bundle consists of 50% of the items you need to play the game except for the poker cards, boards, rulebook and tokens.

1 × Die
Original Game Dice from Ruins: Death Binder

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1 × Mini Cards set
3 mini card decks set from the Ruins: Death Binder board game

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1 × Ruins: Death Binder PNP
Access to a Print and Play file.

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1. Print it

2. Glue it

3. Cut it

4. Play it


Ruins: Death Binder is a 1 to 2 player board game that incorporates unique deck deconstruction or “leak” mechanics. This is a survival game and managing a dwindling supply of resources is key. The gameplay is asymmetric, making it difficult for the players to stand on equal ground against the trials ahead, but with perseverance, strategy and a bit of luck, victory can be achieved.
Doomsday clocks are built into the core of the game that will make you consider each step of the journey. Many challenges await you; an ever-shrinking supply of limited action cards, enemies that grow in both strength and numbers and finally a showdown with the final boss. Beware, even the simplest decisions may end up having a great impact on your story.
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You will be physically sent:

  • 162 Mini American Cards
  • 1 Fate Die
And access to PNP file to print out the needed components:
  • 1 Map Board
  • 3 Double Layer Player Boards
  • 70 Tokens
  • 125 Poker Cards (63×88 mm)
  • Rulebook (210 mm x 148 mm, 48 pages)