Tribes of Myrtia Expansion


Tribes of Myrtia is an expansion for Ruins: Death Binder that brings additional enemies, mechanics, and ways of approaching the difficult depths of Ruins.

IMPORTANT: Shipping starts 1st MARCH.


This is an expansion for Ruins: Death Binder game and not a standalone game.

Expansion contains:
  • 3 New Boss Enemies (for levels 1,2 and 4)
  • 20 New Enemies (4 clans, 4 members each + 4 leaders)
  • 2 Battered Soul cards
  • 18 Action Relic Cards (each unique)
  • 10 Defense Tokens
  • 10 Trophy Tokens
  • 3 New Adventure Tokens and Battered Soul Location Token
  • FREE Updated Rulebook including Tribes of Myrtia Expansion (51 pages)

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