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Reach various locations and, with boots-on-the-ground experience, search to find food and fuel. Combat or avoid enemies, break through doors, and manipulate your rolls to increase your chances of survival within the unknown. Carefully plan your steps and fulfill your objectives to win the game.

Game Title:  The Infection:  Roll, Write and Fight
  • Format: Print-and-play (PNP) game
  • Components:
    ~8 dice (player owned)
    – 3 pages to print (two sided) + if needed 7 paged manual
  • Gameplay:
    Explore various locations with boots-on-the-ground action
    – Engage in combat, destroy obstacles, and gather resources
    – Focus on fulfilling objectives
  • Strategic Elements:
    Crucial map movement for survival
    – Dice manipulation mechanic
    – Resource exchange
  • Randomization:
    Unknown areas with randomized elements
    – Different starting points for each objective on the map
  • Replayability:
    Varied objectives with different starting points
  • Character Progression:
    Survivors can gain experience
    – Improve stats throughout the game
  • Convenience:
    Designed for on-the-go play with limited space
  • Estimated price: $8