Scenario 1


You awake in inky blackness, head throbbing. As you slowly rise to your feet, questions flood your mind; Where am I? How did I get here?…Who am I? You stumble over a small object: a torch.
You pick it up and draw on some innate knowledge to light it. Disturbingly, the light reveals a blue caped body beside you.
Who is this?! You feel like you knew him. Down the nearest corridor, you see a distant, faint light. If you’re going to find answers, you’d best get moving.
You check the surrounding area, picking up a handy pack filled with provisions and a strange, thin dagger.
Lastly, you decide to grab your departed companion’s possessions—his cloak and a book of spells—and head toward the glow.
He wasn’t using them!
QUEST: Pick a starting path from the top of the map and Resolve 2 Adventure tokens.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

I have Resolved 2 Adventure tokens.