Scenario 11


You haven’t had time to properly talk with the woman who leads—you don’t even know her name. While deciding on what to do next, you start to hear the Voice again. “Closer…Come closer…” As you listen, it begins to sound more human; “Yes! You’re here! I knew you survived, I just knew it!” Turning to the source, you realise it’s Byron. But he’s not alone.
The man has his arms joyfully slung around a long-dead corpse. “My brother is well! Told you so! Ha ha!”. The rest of the group pulls forward, leaving you alone at the back. “Come brother, let me patch you up and we’ll join the others!” Byron says, hysteria coloring his voice.
QUEST: Pick a starting path from the top of the map and Resolve 2 Adventure tokens.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Leave Byron to his own fate. Move to another Adventure token. Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 11a.

Remove Byron from this world. Draw Guardsman Event Enemy card and encounter it. If successful, proceed to Scenario 11b.