Scenario 13


When you open your eyes, you find yourself surrounded by a mysterious fog. “Hello?” you call. The mist begins to clear, revealing a red-caped Ignix and the man with the blue cape. “The spell is ready,” you hear her say. The man nods, whispering, “If he defies our edict, I will use it.”
The mist swirls, clouding your vision again momentarily until you see… yourself, and a man in a blue cape. “This is not the path,” the man says, “You will bring ruin on us all.” The vision fades into another; this time the man is reciting an incantation. Your head pounds with his resounding words. With a cry, you swing your weapon at the man, right before everything goes black.
In the blackness, another Voice reaches your ears. “They took yourself… from you…,” it hisses, “…as they did with me. I was their savior!” Your dagger shines. “Only you can open the gate. Release me.” “Stop! I can’t pull you back!” Ignix’s voice breaks in.
QUEST: Draw Ignix The Spellweaver card and encounter it.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

If won or lost, proceed to Scenario 14.