Scenario 14


Breaking from the spell, you find your Health restored fully. Ignix cautiously eyes you from inside her circle. You take out the dagger and look it over. “That’s… Give it to me,” Ignix says. “I remember everything…You and Arcturus plotted against me, took my memories.” “You were becoming dangerous. Give it to me,” she repeats. You return the dagger to your pocket. “You sought to release the darkness; to destroy us all, we had to stop you!” “I sought to destroy it by defeating it while I was at my strongest!” you bellow at her.
“The inquisition are fools… leaving the Chained One locked away only allows him to grow more powerful. I still might be able to do it. I can resist him.” She stares you squarely in the eye. “No.” Her palms begin to glow. You scream, sending a bolt of lightning. She catches it. You rush forward as she waves her hand before disappearing into a pile of ash.
QUEST: Reach last Adventure token on the bottom of the map and Resolve it.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 15.