Scenario 15


You’ve stumbled upon a great hall. Statues in praying poses line what is similar to an underground chapel. “I know why you’re here,” a voice you don’t recognize says. “I had many disciples, many who have tried to take my place, to do what I haven’t. But they couldn’t understand.” You quickly duck behind one of the black statues, but a mere brush crumbles the stone away to reveal bones within. “I have been gifted…and I have been cursed.
The curse of life which none can break. They have tried, oh they have, but now their hollow husks is all that remains… At the end they all pray. ”The room brightens considerably, a wave of the mysterious man’s sword bringing the torches to life.
“Maybe I can help you! Just let me pass” you shout. “Maybe you can. Come then, try to free me from my curse.” He beckons.
QUEST: Draw Eshedan (2nd level boss card) and encounter it.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

If successful, proceed to Scenario 16.