Scenario 16


“Ah, yes, a worthy opponent, indeed. We are the same,” Eshedan says, exhausted. Suddenly, the ground trembles and a serpentine monster you recognize emerges: Varmas. It wastes no time charging, and you brace for impact.
“No!” Eshedan steps between you. “This is my duel!” You have to admit that the resulting spectacle of a battle is glorious; swiftness mixed with brute force, and debris exploding in all directions from each clash. You try to interfere but it’s simply too difficult. Varmas’ long tail destroys a pillar, drawing your attention to the few left to perilously support the upper dome of the chapel.

Draw Varmas (1st level boss card) and encounter it. If successful, proceed to Scenario 17a.

Destroy the pillar. Draw Corrupted Pillar obstacle from Event cards. Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 17b.