Scenario 22


Before you lies an ancient structure that connects the other world to this realm. It won’t be long until power of the gate fades fully, releasing the full might of the darkness into this world again. You move forward, pausing only when you notice a figure standing beside the monolithic barrier. “Will you kill me like you killed your brothers?” Ignix says.
“Brothers?!” you laugh mockingly, “Only by allegiance to inquisition. They were missled by the council and had to corrected.” Her head lowers and her arms drop. “You are lost in the madness.” You catch her motion too late as she releases conflagration.
QUEST: Resolve the correct option below, depending on Blight:
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

The fire washes over you in a wave of heat. The marks on your arm absorb the flames, but are burned away in the process. Proceed to Scenario 23a.

The flames wash over you but you do not feel them. The Blighted growths on your body protects you. Proceed to Scenario 23b.