Scenario 27b


Ignix jumps in to get the key, but falls short as she starts to sink into the ground. “I have other plans for you… Spellweaver,” says the Voice. You manage to manoeuvre out of its grasp, but she’s already gone. Instead, you make the split second decision to grab the key and run back through the gate to the real world. “No!” the Voice shouts.
The shadows try to follow, but disperse at the gate, leaving many faces to glare at you from within the darkness on the other side. With the key as your guide, you follow it back to the room where the self proclaimed god lays dead. The key begins to glow as part of the wall reacts to it, displaying unknown symbols all connecting at one point.
You head towards the centre point and with force pushing you away, slide the key in. With a snap, blinding light shoots through the wall. Illuminated, the black growths on the walls and your body start to crumble and die.
QUEST: Pick a starting path from the top of the map and Resolve 2 Adventure tokens.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Congratulations, you’ve completed your story.