Scenario 4a


You hear a loud groan, followed by footsteps running away. You pursue, tracking the bloody trail left behind. A distance down the way, you find your bloody dagger. Picking it up, you watch as the blood appears to slip straight off it, leaving it mysteriously shiny and clean. You continue to follow the bloody trail until you come upon your assailant: a middle-aged man in rough armor, laying on the ground. He appears to be mumbling to himself. “Shouldn’t…shouldn’t have left…my post…” Sensing no further threat, you step forward, holding your hands up in peace. The man startles and says “How can it be…? You…won’t take me!” He quickly grabs his crossbow, only to shoot a bolt right though his own neck. You hear the mysterious Voice say, “Good…Another…More…” You search through the man’s belongings.
QUEST: Take 3 Draw Deck cards, choose 2 to add to Stored. Move to another Adventure token and Resolve it.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 5.