Scenario 6


A booming Voice can be heard inside your head. “Come…my children…” Almost as if on cue, the wall beside you bursts and a mob of Undead corpses begins to claw its way out. Frantic, you raise your sword to defend yourself again, only to find that these Undead have a strange glow in their eyes.
They shuffle past, ignoring you. “Obey,” the Voice whispers, and you feel as if you are drifting away. Slapping yourself, you sheath your weapon and cautiously follow the monstrous procession.
QUEST: Take a Faith Toss and Resolve as below.

The Voice calls, and again you resist. The Undead turn their skulls your way. Draw 3 Enemies with ‘Raise’ ability and encounter them. If successful, proceed to Scenario 7a.

The Voice calls out again, you feel soothed. You march with them, as one. Proceed to Scenario 7b.