Scenario 7a


You draw your weapons, defending yourself against the unclean foes. With every hit, the undead fall, only to be replaced with more. Suddenly, the passage begins to glow a bright red, and you turn just in time to see a ball of fire flying in your direction. You throw yourself to the ground just as the conflagration explodes, incinerating the skeletons in front of you. Looking up, you see two strong men in armor crushing the remaining Undead with their hammers.
A woman in a red cape strides forward, lightning sparking from her hands. She glances down at you, and as your gazes lock, she gasps. The look on her face is almost one of… recognition? One of her guards moves to engage you, but not before two skeletons rush in, forcing him to change focus. He crushes one as you lash out with your sword, breaking the leg off the second. “Move forward!” the woman yells to the guard. “Byron, take him, now!”
QUEST: Reach last Adventure token on the bottom of the map and Resolve it.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 8.