Scenario 7b


As long as you obey, the Undead shall not harm you. Increase Blight by 1. You can hear the sounds of fighting ahead. “This must be where the Voice is bringing us,” you think. You soon see the Undead swarming a party of the living. Blind fools. You unsheathe your weapons and rush in to slash at one of your living Enemies as another Undead jumps atop him.
Before you can finish the job, an explosive red blast hits the undead and sends you reeling. The unnatural green glow in your eyes fades, returning control over your body. Your former ‘Enemy’ stands up and looks at you. “Interesting…” he grunts.
“Byron, more are incoming, take him, we need to move!” one of the party interrupts.
QUEST: Reach last Adventure token on the bottom of the map and Resolve it.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Once Resolved, proceed to Scenario 8.