Scenario 8


You reach a dead end, your Enemies long gone. Hidden in the darkness, you feel a rising tremor underfoot. Soon enough, the tunnel erupts to reveal a huge serpent-like creature, jaws opening wide. It hasn’t noticed your group, but it’s not alone; a masked man appears, hammer raised high on display. The serpent obeys the silent command and spews forth something foul. The man detaches his mask, displaying a malformed face with no eyes, but with a fierce set of fangs.
He kneels by the regurgitated substance and starts to devour what seems to be semi-digested bits of flesh. The stench is unbearable and the sounds of munching and breaking bones doesn’t help. Byron can’t hold it anymore and gags. Silence. Both serpent and master have taken notice. “Incoming!”
QUEST: Draw Colmund and Varmas (1st level boss cards), encounter them.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

If successful, take a Rest and proceed to Scenario 9.