Scenario 9


“It shall… consume…It must…” The humanoid Enemy says before collapsing. One down one to go. The serpent strikes once more, grabbing one of the party members. “Brother!” Byron shouts. He moves to the rescue, but it’s already too late; his brother is long gone within the jaws of the creature. Byron snarls and in a last ditch effort, stabs it from beneath. The monster screeches and promptly retreats into the dark, leaving you all far behind.
“We must find him! He is surely still alive!” the remaining brother says. “Byron, he’s already gone, deal with it fast, or we might join him” the woman responds. It’s very obvious that the group needs a break, to soothe the wounds and mourn the dead.
QUEST: Reset Blight and redistribute Adventure tokens on map. Then reach an Adventure token with Rest event.
Once QUEST completed, confirm below to proceed.

Before Resolving the Rest, proceed to Scenario 10.