Ruins: Death Binder

1-2 Players

30-90 Minutes

Board Game

Age 14+

Game about survival, decision making and fighting against the odds with limited resources.

This is a game where you stand against great odds with very limited resources, you do your best to survive and push forward and test different strategies.

You will learn to master and manage your cards and possibilities, as the game becomes only harder with time.


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Few Words From Our Playtesters

This game is very fun, and led to lots of fun game nights with the boys

ElectricEspeonPlaytester Wave 2

This game is based on a really interesting concept that I would love to play. With a few more tweaks to the mechanics in play, I am confident this will be the game to scratch that itch.

Large Richard OutlawPlaytester Wave 2

It's an excellent adventure for anyone who enjoys unique solo games with great game mechanics, an ever increasing challenge, and unique bosses! This is a perfect addition to anyone's solo game collection!

Ian F.Playtester Wave 2

Ruins is a game you'll have trouble putting down!

Ethan B.Playtester Wave 2

Besides the brutal difficulty curve when you hit the level 2 monsters, it seems like this could be a really neat game.

FrankPlaytester Wave 1

A solo dungeon crawler that has a lot of variety and interest.

Mike V.Playtester Wave 1

A fast game with highly tactical gameplay and an engaging fights. It always leaves you wanting for one more game!

FrancescoPlaytester Wave 1

Campaign mode

“You wake up near a semi depleted torch, you don’t recognize a thing and have no memories of who you are, soft but raspy whisper calls to you…”

Play through a compelling campaign and find out the full story behind your unnamed character, depending on how well you do, you get rewarded with slightly different ending.

Descent mode

Make your last stand, defeat never ending waves of enemies, push yourself to the breaking point and reach the core of darkness, take as many of them with you. Let those wretches remember you for eternity.

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