Ruins: Death Binder

Ruins: Death Binder is a 1 to 2 player board game that incorporates unique deck deconstruction or “leak” mechanics. This is a survival game and managing a dwindling supply of resources is key. The gameplay is asymmetric, making it difficult for the players to stand on equal ground against the trials ahead, but with perseverance, strategy and a bit of luck, victory can be achieved.

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1-2 Players

30-90 Minutes

Board Game

Age 14+


You wake up near a semi depleted torch…

you don’t recognize a thing…

and have no memories of who you are…

soft but raspy whisper calls to you…

To play Online Solo Campaign Ruins: Death Binder board game is required, as the online campaign mimics the behaviour of scenario cards included in them.


Latest Rulebook

We are still improving the rulebook and fixing typos and errors in the print version. Here you will find the latest errata. Want to print it? Get a friendly print version here.

Player Guide

Here a friendly player guide to help you go through any issue you might find and keep you playing. Want to print it? Get a friendly print version here.


Explanatory video on how to proceed after opening your brand new box, this is a non-scenario setup, which you can see in our other video – Expanding the Experience.


Gameplay video for solo playthrough with rule explaining for various cards, traits and situations.


Video about playing Co-op, including additional setup, behaviour cards, and turn per turn example gameplay, if you want to see the initial setup (with how to create decks etc. Please look at Setup video).


Video about additional rules, how to reset the game for next descent, change map, descent modifiers, playing the campaign, use cave in cards/tokens, dealing with special action cards, event enemies and corruption, replenishing draw deck and no cards to draw.






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