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About the game:

Ruins: Death Binder is a 1 to 2 player board game that incorporates unique deck deconstruction or “leak” mechanics. Player/s face great odds with very limited resources. The game is asymmetric, making it difficult for the players to stand on equal ground against the trials ahead, but with perseverance, strategy and a bit of luck, victory can be achieved.

Game about survival, decision making and fighting against the odds with limited resources.

This is a game where you stand against great odds with very limited resources, you do your best to survive and push forward and test different strategies.

You will learn to master and manage your cards and possibilities, as the game becomes only harder with time.

Unique selling points:
– Assymetric gameplay
– Solo and co-op mode
– Inspired by Slay The Spire video game
– Deck Deconstruction
– Dark Fantasy World of Ruins
– 30 – 90 minutes average playtime
– Engine building

The game will be on kickstarter on 25th February 2020.


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Press kit:  Download Press Kit

About the creator/publisher:

Heavy Punch Games is a company born in Krakow, Poland. We are a small group of passionates from different industries. Thanks to that, you’ll find countless interesting details within our games. As a studio we bet on our ideas, and create in depth worlds and games based on them. It’s our driving force, but it’s also a promise to you — the gamers — to provide unique experiences while playing our games.