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Hello all,
We have made some small changes to further improve experience with Ruins: Death Binder, which you can read below:

– Some encounter cards has Value – Enemy level, which concludes in drawing that many enemies – which should balance the game a little better
– Change to order of drawing another Scenario token, now before you move to another explore phase, you will draw the token prior to your Rest Phase, so you can prepare better for it
– Changes to cards in hand: now Player Draws 9 cards at start, when attacking, Player removes all unstored ones and replenish the amount of missing cards on start of next turn
– Some enemies now have weakness of 0 – which means they cannot be attacked by certain types of attacks, unless the vulnerability for that enemy had been increased – this should add more puzzling mechanics to the combat
– Added few new attack abilities
– Made Death Bargain not so cruel – increased HP values and decreased Taint and card removal. Additionaly now each change of card costs 1 xp and not -1 Card
– Player Stores 1 card per turn for used cards, which he can increase to 3. Example: Player attacks with 2 cards, remove 1 of them. Player attacks with 4 cards, remove 1 of them

– Heavy Punch Team