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Another day, another Dev log. In this one we will focus on the “How the game should play”.

As we are gamers ourselves (both board and video games), all of us have some ideas of that. We like the simplicty of Hearthstones cards, you have cards, you play them, you use their abilities, card reacts. Dark Souls having – few hits equals quick death.

But for us that hardly scratched the itch, what we always thought was lacking in many games was the responsiveness of the enemies, we want enemies to feel like unique characters in the world, with strengths and weaknesses. And we, as part of that world we should have them too.


We’ve created 3 distinctive phases:
– Explore Phase – where player explorers Scenario and Event cards
– Resolve Phase – where player resolves the difficulties found on his adventure
– Rest Phase – where player can take a breath and upgrade character


The following limitations were made to add the survival aspect
– Health does not regenerate in between the phases – it only depends on player and his cards to keep alive
– Ever decreasing player cards
– Each Event increases taint and after reaching certain level of it – boss encounter is active

To add random elements to the game, we have decided to include “faith token”. Which will decide on some abilities if they have been executed successfully or not to get the result.

Core game element was not to create a single overpowering way to approach the game in order to win with it. We’ve made many possibilities on how player can influence the outcome of each event, combat and way of fighting increasing taint. In the end, player can create various combinations both of his deck and his character.

In the next dev log we will write on how the game should look.

– Heavy Punch Team